Our Mission

At DocReiss Business Consultants we are passionately changing the face of health care, one health care professional & one patient at a time. By Implementing custom science based, revenue-generating, and patient-benefitting wellness solutions for health care providers that match the mission, vision and identity of their unique practice and patients needs, we are creating an ancillary stream of income for doctors everywhere.

Thousands of health care professionals across the U.S. have implemented our services in to their practices.


The economy of health care has changed.
Patients are already purchasing non-approved supplements.

  • The economic challenges faced by Health Professionals are now reported in mainstream media (Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, CNN, etc.).
  • The need for ancillary sources of revenue has increased and practices are searching for new services to meet their patients’ needs.
  • Both Employers and insurance companies recognize that when patients implement a wellness lifestyle their overall healthcare costs are reduced and their quality of life increases.
  • Patients are seeking convenient and cost-effective wellness options.
  • Americans spend $70 billion each year on supplements.
  • Americans spend $30 billion each year in the quest to lose weight.
  • The USDA reports that may Americans get less than 70 percent of essential vitamins and minerals required to meet the Recommended Daily Allowance.
  • Surveys indicate that many patients would prefer to receive wellness information, products and services from their own trusted health professional
  • Patients deserve the best products and services to meet their healthcare needs In the consumer market, patients are faced with low-quality, ineffective supplements and fad diets.
  • Patients often seek medical advice from store clerks who know little about their health or medical history.

“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
Thomas Edison