nutraMetrix® is Changing Health Care

The nutraMetrix Division is dedicated to providing Health solutions specifically for Health Professionals.

nutraMetrix enables any Health Professional to implement customized nutritional interventions, wellness and weight-management solutions for their patients. Through its line of advanced nutraceuticals, programs and services, nutraMetrix is promoting wellness one Health Professional and one patient at a time.

Led by our Medical and Scientific Affairs team, nutraMetrix offers practitioners a complete line of nutraceuticals and customized nutritional programs to meet the demands of an educated client. Now, Health Professionals—through nutraMetrix—can integrate wellness, nutrition and weight-management solutions seamlessly into their existing practices. With over 5,000 nutraMetrix Consultants, 3,000 nutraMetrix Health Professionals, and a dedicated corporate nutraMetrix team, nutraMetrix is accomplishing what health insurance cannot do, what the pharmaceutical companies will not do, and what the federal government has failed to do. nutraMetrix is promoting the health of America, one Health Professional and one patient at a time.

nutraMetrix Advanced Nutraceuticals
We work with our vendors to carefully select the highest quality ingredients available. Our products are sourced from wherever the best raw material is found and our quality control extends to each ingredient as well as the overall product. All ingredients included in nutraMetrix dietary supplements are held to FDA Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. Ingredients held to this standard must pass a series of tests and meet strict acceptance criteria.

High-quality nutraceuticals for Health Professionals

  • Targeted health regimens
  • Custom nutrition solutions
  • Isotonic-capable supplements
  • Anti-aging supplements
  • Children's health supplements
  • Mind and energy supplements
  • Sports nutrition supplements
  • Heart health supplements
  • Digestive health supplements
  • Prenatal supplements
  • Skin health supplements
  • Vision health

The Mission of nutraMetrix
The mission of nutraMetrix is to provide patients and clients with a better way to achieve optimal health. Through revolutionary technology, science-based nutritional interventions and the power of people, nutraMetrix is changing the face of health care one health professional and one patient at a time.