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webinar overview for licensed health care professionals.


A Proven Business Model

Many patients have turned to supplements and weight management systems. Statistics show that Americans spend $70 billion each year on supplements and another $30 billion in the quest to lose weight. nutraMetrix® provides a total solution for you and your patients. In addition to providing the highest quality products to patients that meet their unique needs, the proven nutraMetrix business model can help Health Professionals generate additional income to help offset ongoing expenses; increase your practice's profitability and operating capital; and help you work toward a retirement goal through a variety of ancillary revenue streams. Something as simple as introducing nutraMetrix supplements to two patients a day can provide you and your practice with cash flow that can help you achieve financial freedom.

Here's how: Patients would prefer to receive wellness information, services and nutritional support from their own trusted health professional. Instead of going elsewhere - a national chain store for example - to purchase these products, you have the opportunity to provide them with the best supplementation available -nutraceutical-class products that are scientifically proven and professionally recommended to meet their health care needs.

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If just two patients a day on a four-day work week purchase 30-day supplies of both nutraMetrix Heart Health Essential Omega III Fish Oil and Vitamin E and nutraMetrix Isotonix Multivitamin, you could add an additional $736 a month to your practice's revenue.


If each of those patients continues to purchase each month, your gross retail profit would increase to $8,832 a year. By continuing to introduce nutraMetrix brand wellness to new patients over the course of one year, you can generate more than $57,400 in retail for your practice.

In addition to retail profit, you also have the opportunity to earn commissions based on Business Volume (BV) of products sold through nutraMetrix, which can generate thousands of dollars in additional income each year to your practice. And for those Health Professionals who qualify, they can share their success with other health professionals and gain additional revenue through their referral network. Your nutraMetrix Consultant is available to help craft a plan to help you achieve financial freedom.

You might be asking, How much do I have to buy to get started? That's the difference between nutraMetrix and other programs. Our focus is not how much you, the Health Professional, must buy to qualify. It's about direct relationships to promote wellness and prevention, not product that sits on a shelf.

It's about providing custom health solutions for you and your patients. Through superior products, state-of-the-art technology, and personal service, nutraMetrix is changing the face of the healthcare industry, one Health Professional and one patient at a time.